Kérastase professional hair care & stylish products

Kérastase luxury hair care products for men and women meet the needs of every hair type.  For more than 55 years, it has earned its reputation for exceptional scalp and hair benefits through exquisite products and personalized salon treatments. Kérastase is the first to benefit from the very best of L’Oréal’s advanced research and its …


Argan oil /All about the “liquid gold” of Morocco

Argan oil is one of the most expensive oils in the world.  Why is it so valuable and popular?  Personally, I always try to choose whether it’s shampoo or cream with this miracle oil. I decided to find out for myself why it is called “liquid gold” of Morocco.   In Morocco, the argan tree …

cashmere sweaters

Cashmere sweaters from affordable to luxurious

When you pronounce a cashmere sweater, you already feel warm and cozy.  This is the kind of sweater that counts quality over quantity.The demand for cashmere, once considered affordable by only a few, has grown exponentially in recent years.  Despite the relatively high price of a relatively ordinary woolen sweater, it is still worth finding …