Cashmere sweaters from affordable to luxurious

When you pronounce a cashmere sweater, you already feel warm and cozy.  This is the kind of sweater that counts quality over quantity.The demand for cashmere, once considered affordable by only a few, has grown exponentially in recent years.  Despite the relatively high price of a relatively ordinary woolen sweater, it is still worth finding a place in the closet for at least one sweater made of such wool. Before you go shopping, you need to figure out what caused such a cost of a sweater and how to choose the right one. By the way, cashmere first came to Europe in the 18th century and delighted the French nobility.  Especially the Parisian aristocrats liked cashmere shawls, which were weightless.

What is cashmere

Cashmere is an undercoat of the Capra Hircus mountain goats that lives in the regions of India, China, Mongolia, Pakistan.  The name comes from the Kashmir region – on the border of India and Pakistan.  Cashmere is rightfully considered the rarest and softest of all types of natural wool.  

Cashmere is 8 times warmer than regular wool, while being much softer and more pleasant to the touch.

Why is Mongolian cashmere considered the best in the world?

Mongolian goats produce fluff with an average fiber diameter of 15.5-16.0 microns and an average length of 38-43 mm.  Such indicators are considered optimal, they guarantee the future product softness and elasticity.

 In some countries, cashmere goats live in captivity.  In Mongolia, they graze freely in the endless steppes – this has a positive effect on the quality of the down.

To protect themselves from Mongolia’s extreme frosts, goats grow long hair like a soft protective coat.  The magnificent down under the coat is carefully combed out by shepherds who pass on their experience from generation to generation.  Down fibers are the raw material for the production of cashmere yarn.

Each goat gives no more than 150 grams of down per year – this is enough for only one third of a sweater.  For this reason, the low prevalence of this wool and the high price of raw materials.  After hand picking and sorting, the fluff is processed to the highest quality and safety standards to produce the purest, cleanest yarn.

What is Organic Cashmere

In nature, there are only four shades of cashmere – milk, beige, coffee and silver.  Natural color means no chemicals when dyeing or bleaching raw materials.  In the market, it is called organic cashmere.  Due to the absence of chemical action, cashmere retains its best natural properties – softness and silkiness, and in this it will always have an advantage over even the highest quality dyed cashmere.

Wearing a pure cashmere sweater you will not have allergies, it is suitable even for people with sensitive skin.  Cashmere very soft and pleasant to the body, does not prick, unlike ordinary wool.  It perfectly retains heat and removes moisture.  With proper care, it will last more than one year.

How to care for cashmere

The main secret is hand wash at a temperature not exceeding 30 degrees.  You can use the delicate mode, but it is better to put your sweater in a special bag.  It is better to dry cashmere items on a horizontal surface.  Store in the closet only when folded.