Always stylish white shirt

Stylish white shirt

White shirt – it is always relevant and appropriate in any situation. This item appears on the catwalks and in our wardrobes every season. The white shirt fits perfectly into any look and makes its owner feminine and elegant.

Iconic fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld once said:
“If you ask me what I’d most like to have invented in fashion, I’d say the white shirt. Everything else comes after.”

Karl Lagerfeld always had clear ideas and proudly showcased one while wearing a white turtleneck shirt. The Hilditch & Key white shirt was the staple of the designer’s wardrobe. Seven months after he left this world, seven friends of the great designer created seven couturier-inspired white shirts for the project “A tribute to Karl: the white shirt project”

A tribute to Karl: the white shirt project by Takashi Murakami, Kate Moss, Diane Kruger, Tommy Hilfiger, Carine Roitfeld, Sébastien Jondeau, Cara Delevingne

Initially, a white shirt was considered an element of a man’s outfit. But at the beginning of the twentieth century legendary Coco Chanel made a fashion breakthrough. She was the first to demonstrate that this wardrobe item looks great on women and perfectly complements both skirts and trousers. From that time on, representatives of fashion houses began to talk about the victorious march of women’s white shirts. They were adored by such style icons as Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Marlene Dietrich and Brigitte Bardot.
In recent years, the white shirt has become a real classic that remains stylish and modern no matter what the trends are on the runways. Designers often use a white shirt in their shows. And a large number of options for images with her make a white shirt a basic element of a wardrobe.

What to wear with a white shirt

A white shirt is ideal for occasions when some formality is required.
A white shirt can be made from different materials of silk, satin … but it is best if the shirt is made of good cotton. The classic way to wear a shirt with a pencil skirt or pants perfect for an office look or any occasion you want to look professional.
Also, a white shirt looks great with jeans with a long skirt or shorts in a casual style. In summer, a long shirt can be transformed into a dress, complementing it with leggings and emphasizing the waist with a wide belt. During the day, in this image and white sneakers, you can live a simple everyday life, and in the evening, change into shoes and go out with friends.

Victoria Beckham in white shirt

Contemporary style icon Victoria Beckham knows how to wear and match with other things a white shirt. Victoria knows very well how to work with basic wardrobe and classic pieces.
She is uncompromising in her choices and insists on clean shapes, beautiful sunglasses and quality materials. Victoria Beckham loves to wear white shirts, roll up the sleeves, complement the shirts with midi skirts, various trousers and always bags and glasses.