Should children choose their own clothes?

Sometimes we think children should choose their own clothes or parents?  It is very important for a child to make their own choice.  This is how taste is brought up and the child learns to choose the right clothes that suit them.  Personally, my daughter has been shopping with me since birth !!!

Many psychologists believe that there are at least several good reasons why children should be allowed to choose their own clothes.

One of the main reasons children should be allowed to choose their clothes is to have their own opinions and tastes.  Why shouldn’t they wear what they like?

Each child prefers the clothes that he/she  likes to wear.  Even if it’s Snow White’s dress!

Especially young children usually want to participate in the choice themselves.What clothes does the child primarily pay attention to?
First of all, he will choose clothes with his favorite superhero or clothes in bright colors.  No matter how bright such clothes look, they are very loved by children, and they often choose it.  The task of the parent is to explain to the child which thing is better to buy.

 If they need a new T-shirt, let them choose the one they like best, or try to choose with the child and give advice.

Another reason is that it is much easier to provide an opportunity for children to wear what they want and like.  This will avoid tears and disagreements with the child.  It is best to find a common language with the child and try to find out what she / he prefers.  There is no point in creating a stressful situation.

Letting kids choose their own clothes  has a big advantage!!!  You can be sure that they will wear what they have chosen for themselves, and the things they don’t like will not gather dust in the back of the closet.